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My unique contribution
to the board

– a commercial profile with international experience.  

My contribution in the boardroom is experience and knowledge of what it takes to take a business to the next level.

If the strategic challenge is professionalisation, international expansion, aggressive growth or the company want to focus on digital development and transformation, I know, which tools to use and what steps to take.

My approach is systematic and structured, and I know which handles to turn to boost the performance of an organisation. According to my experience an “outside-in” view starting with the customer pays-off. To know who your most profitable customers are, is basic.

I know how to build an efficient organisation, establishing the workflows, processes and structures needed to take the business to the next level.  Also in an international context.

Typically more than 90% of my work has been done with colleagues and partners outside my home country. I feel at home when abroad. I bring with me valuable experience from 4 multicultural companies.

I am described as a person working across an organization - not only thinking in silos. A key focus for me is to ensure that  the organizational structure and competencies support the business strategy. A clear link is crucial to success.

The professional approach in the boardroom

In the boardroom you will experience me as committed and professional.

My results are created through an investigative and systematic approach combined with empathy and action.

It is important to me that results are created either with or through other people. Being part of a team is essential to me.

Over the years I have mainly worked in family owned companies with clear values defined. My approach is to respect the values of the owner and founder of the company. I prefer listening before I speak up and give my POV.  As a person I subscribe to clear values, and I feel at home in companies with clear sets of values.

I subscribe to clear values


Making a difference is what drives me. I have always been involved where I feel my contribution makes a clear difference. When I engage in something, I go all in. My commitment is often inspiring to people around me, and I have an absolute strength in getting people to follow me.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.” - Simon Sinek


In all aspect of life I value respect. Respect for other people, other people’s opinion, background, culture and contribution. Respect for others, but also to myself.


”Honesty is the best policy”, Benjamin Franklin said. I fully agree. For me honesty is important both in relation to other people, but I also want to be honest to myself. My integrity is essential: I do have my opinion, and I have the courage to stand up for it.


I am the one you can always count on. You can count on my support both at the ups and the downs. When we have a common goal, you will hear me say: “I accept, but I don’t agree”.  I will be by your side.

“You cannot buy loyalty; you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds, and souls. You have to earn these things” - Clarence Francis

The professional network

My network is very important to me. This is where I get new ideas, inspiration, sparring and it is where I keep myself updated on new and important developments within business and board management. Currently I’m very keen on following discussions and trends within the challenge of professionalisation, diversity and the digital transformation. I am an active member of the following professional networks related to board management:  

Deputy Chairman of the network Bestyrelseskvinder. The purpose of this network is to help and inspire more women to work in the board of mainly small and mid-sized companies. The value of diversity in the boardroom is a subject high on my agenda.


Partner in ASNET Board, which is the leading non-profit network for board members in Denmark. The members are all keen to add extra value to professionalize the boardrooms. Working to make progress and results in smaller and mid-size enterprises, as well as to be an active and evolving network for members of the network.


Women on Board, Confederation of Danish Industry building the bridge between female candidates and boards. Working to make the best and most qualified female candidates visible to companies and boards.

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