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System. Structure. Process.  

System, structure and process are essential when running a business today.

It might sound boring or even difficult, but  it basic when you run a business. With the basics in place you can spend time and resources running the  business and creating value for both customers and the company. A well-managed and controlled business is more valuable than a business where development happens by coincidence.

The benefit of professionalising your business is increased efficiency, profitability and, ultimately, business growth.

Increasing the degree of professionalism is often a requirement from the bank or the board.

I can help you design and build a lean and efficient organisation. Part of the exercise is to establish the systems and processes needed to take the business to the next level. In short: Together we can professionalise your business.

A former colleague in the Management team of Hjem-IS/Nestlé once said:

Hanne, the challenge here is that you are so f....  ambitious - not only for yourself but for all of us!

My contribution to your business

Let’s discuss how I can add the most value to you and your organisation.

We can agree to work on a project, a fixed task or for a time period. If the most valuable contribution is for me to be your sparring partner, this is what we do.

Consistency and quality facilitates ‘managed’ growth

Your organisation

The organisational set-up is crucial for success. The set-up needs to reflect and support the strategy, goals and vision of your business. Particularly in transformations it is vital that the organization is adapted to the future. I help you formalise, document and structure the set-up needed.

Roles and responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities must be clarified, tuned and communicated to the employees involved. I like to compare this with a team of small-scale football boys. The coach instruct the boys who covers what position in the field - attack or defense. The same must be done in an efficient company. Descriptions with clear tasks, responsibilities and mandate provide clarity for everyone in the organization.

Managing expectations

Clearly defined and communicated expectations for each member of the organisation  are the basics for motivation and focus on solving the task. The interface between departments and functions need to be crystal clear. I have extensive experience in this area and can also help you and your business.

Let me help you control the engine room in your business.

Let’s find out how I can help your organisation

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