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More facts than feelings

To create growth can be fairly easy – my focus is profitable growth. I work with both top and bottom line - but first of all the customer and the customers needs. My approach is  systematic, and I prefer facts to feelings.

To think is sometimes good enough, but not when you want to run a successful business. According to my experience you need to have a pretty good picture of your target group and your customers. It is key to have facts on the consumer needs, wants and behaviour, before you e.g. start running a major campaign on Facebook. To have identified who your most profitable customers and products are is another cornerstone. The portfolio is a key tool to help you win the wanted position in the market. The number of pitfalls is infinite - let me help you make the right decisions.

Hanne has a great ability to think and to work strategically. It is natural for her to involve all business areas in this work. I appreciate Hannes strong integrity, and I welcome her ability and courage to challenge both me and the business. Hanne has a great share in our success in the Scandinavian market.
— Former CEO at British Car Import

My contribution to your business

Let’s discuss how I can add the most value to you and your organisation.

We can agree to work on a project, a fixed task or for a time period. If the most valuable contribution is for me to be your sparring partner, this is what we do.

Here are some of the areas where I can help:


You have decided you want to conquer the world. What is the best way forward? Which markets are the right ones? Which market to attack first? Questions are endless. I can help you find the answers.

Commercialisation of an idea - Go-2-Market strategy

What are the steps from generating an idea to being successful in the market? First step might be to carefully understand the end consumer. Consumers needs and the contact points with your product or company are essential to get right.


The plan including an overview of  the current status in your company,  how you want to look like and be perceived, and obviously how to get there. Strategy is a question of making choices. The question of what to choose and what not to choose. My focus is to make the strategy alive. Execution is art and an exercise of its own. I can support you all the way.

I have the honour of being described like this by a former colleague:

Growth strategy

If your agenda is heavy growth, I can help you develop and execute the healthy growth plan.  To anchor the strategy, and ensure ongoing tracking and follow up on results are key to success. It is important for me to fully complete all tasks. Weekly follow up or reporting can be arranged if needed.   


Maybe you need to digitalise your sales and marketing activities.  Marketing automation is one of today’s buzzwords. I know from experience that by mapping the customer journey as a starting point, you can establish an efficient set-up, generating leads and converting into sales. I can help you make sure that your digital activities are integrated into the business as such.


A turnaround is often a very painful exercise. It takes courage and a solid plan to put a suffering business back on track. By respectfully turning all stones, you have the basis for setting a new direction for a bright future. I have hands-on experience from a successful turnaround.


I can help you identify the right positioning in the market for your product or company. Positioning is both the exercise of defining the point of difference and uniqueness of your product and the matter of identifying the most attractive position in the market.  I can help you establish the most competitive position in the market.

Hanne gives an organization strength as she manages to convey strategic decisions in a motivational and understandable manner. Her ability to see the whole of the company has meant that decisions, including the hard ones, have been taken on a stable basis. Always with an eye on the entire business including the employees.

CONNECT Denmark is a non-profit organization. The organization challenge, inspire and connect leaders, talents, investors and companies. Purpose is to create GROWTH. We are more than 700 experienced members, with a very broad background across all industries, that offer professional sparring to ambitious companies. We all work voluntarily.

Let’s find out how I can
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