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Board & Business
- BY Hanne Christensen

is the name of my business.

I have chosen this name because it describes exactly what I do for a living:

Whether it is in the boardroom or as a strategic adviser and consultant, I work with  companies ready to take the next step forward. I am passionate about maximizing the potential of new as well as well-established companies. Small as well as mid-sized.


In the Boardroom

Commercial profile
with international experience.



Business development. Professionalising.
Marketing & Branding.

Taking your business to the next level

Business development. Professionalisation. Marketing & Branding.

My core competencies are business development, professionalisation and marketing & branding.

My background is commercial and I have 20+ years of experience from big, international and professional companies like LEGO, DANDY/Cadbury, Hjem-IS/Nestlé and Jaguar Land Rover at the Scandinavian importer  Nic. Christiansen Group.  

The companies I have worked with are mainly family owned - this is where I feel at home. As a person I am profoundly rooted in my personal values and I feel at home in companies founded on clear sets of values.  

I have worked with production as well as trading companies and across business models like franchise, retail, import. Both B2B and B2C. Working across cultures have always been part of my career, and I have valuable experience with people management  from 4 multicultural companies.

Impact is more important than impression

What drives me is the eager to make a true difference.

It is important to me that my contribution has an impact. I work to make tangible results and I prefer to work with teams and companies where my contribution makes a true difference.

My focus is coherence - ensure the dots are connected, and my main contribution is to generate profitable growth and direction. Commitment is central to everything that I do.

Tangible resultats

From deficit to profit at Hjem-IS/Nestlé.

My track record is long, and I have results that I’m specially proud of: Among others I would like to mention my key role in the turn-around at Hjem-IS, the ice-cream brand previously owned by Nestlé. A major deficit was over a period of 3 years turned into a positive result. We reconstructed the organisation, re-positioned the brand, optimized the product portfolio and outsourced the production.

More than doubling of sales at Jaguar and Land Rover.

I have had the pleasure to work with the great brands Jaguar and Land Rover. With my team I made a major contribution to the development and implementation of an aggressive growth strategy. A key part of the success was the digital transformation of the marketing activities - the marketing automatisation. We ensured the activities were building both brands and business - increasing brand awareness as well as generating sufficient leads converting into sales. The mapping of the customer journey and solid target group insights proved to be the right starting point.  Return On Marketing Investment is not just something we talk about.  Sales more than doubled over a period of 4 years.

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