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The sharpest positioning in the market  

Marketing is my home. For more than 20 years I have had the priviledge to work with strong international brands like LEGO, V6, DIROL, Hjem-IS, Jaguar and  Land Rover.

I know what it takes, and I have strong experience in establishing brand identities that ensure the strongest positioning in the market. The brand platform is the starting point.  My experience goes from concept development to product development and communication - both digital as well as non-digital.

Marketing often becomes very tactical. However the base for solid growth is a strategically founded marketing strategy. I can help you build the base and create a strong link between the commercial goals and the marketing plan.

Several times I have been in charge of brand revitalization projects. The task of bringing brands that require renewal, and a strengthening of their competitiveness is a great challenge.  From one of my business partners I have received the following:

We worked together with Hanne on the relaunch of V6 and Dirol, two large and complex chewing gum brands, which were part of the KRAFT/Cadbury Schweppes portfolio. And we also worked jointly, on the repositioning and redesign of the Nestlé/Hjem-IS brand across the Nordics.

In both cases, we experienced Hanne as a strong team player and an extremely pleasant person to work with. She is very professional and focused, keeping the strategic goal inview and striving for an outstanding result.
— Jörg Willich, Partner at Verinion, Branding & Design consultancy, Hamburg

My contribution to your business

Let’s discuss how I can add the most value to you and your organisation.

We can agree to work on a project, a fixed task or for a time period. If the most valuable contribution is for me to be your sparring partner, this is what we do.

Brand platform

A strong brand is a consistent brand.  Brands are very much about trust. The starting point for a strong brand is clear defined values and a differentiated promise to the consumer.  To express the brand values across channels is a challenge. Let’s work together to establish the strongest possible  platform for your brand.

Customer journey

Together we can identify the consumers touch points with your brand and business. Based on this, I can help you build the most efficient marketing plan taken the customer journey into consideration.

Concept development

How do we formulate an idea and a concept? Is there room in the market for the product? To whom can we sell, where and for what price? I can help you develop and formulate new concepts.

Product development

I have solid experience in product development. In order to remember all the details, the well-proven and very systematic Stage/Gate model can be used. Let’s find out what works for you. .


If your need is to define the messages that address the company's challenges and goals, I can help you. The digital communication often takes a lot of space and money, but it rarely stands alone. To identify the appropriate communication channels is a key task.  I connect the different communication channels and make sure they complement each other.

Optimizing  the product-portfolio

Your portfolio need to support both your brand and your business. Do you by heart know the revenue per product in your portfolio? Do you have any loss making SKU’s? What do customers specifically ask for? Do you hold any strategic items? Any SKU’s that could be cut out without anybody, apart from the production manager, noticing? I can help you with this puzzle.

Choosing the right agency or partner

I can be your sparring partner, when you need a new agency set-up or to establish a strong  partnership with e.g.  an ad agency. I bring solid experience on how to establish smooth ways-of-working between company and agency.

Re-vitalising of brands

Some brands need to be re-vitalized or reshaped. I have been in charge of several projects with the aim of re-vitalising a brand needing a new and strong platform for future growth. I truly believe in consistency across all touch-points. A strong platform is the starting point.

Let’s find out how I can help your organisation

All contact is of course confidential.